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, president obama was the first democrat to win virginia since 1964. what do mitt romney and paul ryan have to do to put that back in the red column. governor bob mcdonnel has an idea. >> brian: former clinton speech writer reacts to his former big boss' big night last night. stick around, won't you [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see y
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called the road to charlotte with a campaign event in virginia. yesterday he made yet another trip to ohio, a state no republican has won the white house without. he celebrated labor day by applauding organized labor. >> it is unions like yours that help to forge the basic bargain in this country, the bargain that built the greatest middle class and the most prosperous country and the most prosperous economy that the world has ever known. >> big labor is not happy with the decision to hold the democratic convention here in north carolina. arguably the least union friendly state in the country with a ban on some public workers unions and specifically the state with the smallest percentage of union workers, just 3% in north carolina. steve, gretchen, brian? >> steve: wendell goler in downtown, about four blocks. >> gretchen: let's talk about some of the speakers who are going to be here today. they have to keep the streets clone. former president bill clinton will be speaking later on this week and apparently his speech is the only one that hasn't been vetted yet by the obama campaig
to work with them and try to do a settlement. >> brian: then from mickey in virginia says our second car is eating all of our savings. it's hard to survive with one car. we've considered renting them, but how can we get out of this cycle? >> the old beater question of $1,000 or $1,500 car. sometimes you do have one that's completely dead. i mean, you've driven the thing all the way down into the ground. and the truth is, you could probably get another 1500 or $2,000 car for your second beater for right now cheaper than you can do the repairs. so you got to measure that out, look what the repairs really are. sometimes we get a little drama involve with the repairs 'cause they're a hassle and $200 feels like we spent $2 million and so we use that as emotional justification to buy a car we can't afford. >> steve: great advice. dave ramsey, or as we know you, super dave ramsey, thank you very much for joining us from nashville. >> thanks, guys. >> gretchen: coming up on the rundown, egyptians want americans executed for the recent riots, but they also want us possibly to release this known t
in three key states up five in florida and ohio and virginia, but that's all likely voters . if you visalate the voters the race is much closer and mitt romney is down 2 in virginia and tied in florida and takes the lead in ohio. and they are heading to ohio for a bus tour . monday they will be in lemma and wednesday they will be in columbus, cleveland and toledo. >> gretchen: all right peter doocy. thank you for the update. what should we make of the fact that the president's audio tape that we played for you yesterday on the show. he talked about his blive of redistributing wealth, what should we make of the fact that nbc didn't run it because they hadn't authicated it >> brian: what was he doing at that time. does that look and sound like him . and it is him. what is harder to do. see cell phone video of half of awe mitt romney and bad audio saying that is mitt romney and a straight on cand date senator obama. >> steve: less than 12 hours of mother jones put the video out. 47 percent of the count row will probably not vote for me. i will go after the independent persuadable peopl
by the media organizations. not by rasmussen and it shows romney one behind in florida and one in virginia and obama gets the undecided and could be ahead. but the difference is. they are using the is 2008 turn out model. huge latino and college students and viewwer elderly . that model happened for one year only. 2008. it didn't happen in 10 or four. and they are wrong for applying it. it is true if the people who voted in 8 as in 12 obama will get elected. >> brian: does it explain the trend. they were closer even with the same science? >> well, i don't believe that, i believe what they are doing is reweighting the data. that would not establish a trend. the accurate polling which is no reason to go to the polls. go to the accurate one. rasmussen shows the race within a point or two in each of the states . by the way, the trend in rasmussen and in my own poling is that romney was doing foin in august and fell back because of the democratic convention and recovered at end of last week and now even . that is the reality. if the election were held today. romney would carry ohio, florida, ne
. places like west virginia, and missouri and a number of top democrats are not showing up. >> gretchen: senator clar mccas kill will not be here. she is from missouri and she led the charge and one of the first people to endorse barack obama in 2008. and senator joe manchin. he's been against the president's policies . governor of west virge will not be. congressman of montana and mathison. my list has eight democratic members of congress choosing not to come. >> brian: they'll do the best they can. but you can't give up a week of campaigning. and the according to gal up president comes in to 43 percent. we know secretary of state clinton is not allowed to come by law. and. and there is one guy as governor andrew cuomo. he's not front and center. >> gretchen: he's cominged last day. he's been some what of a centist in new york . he talked about reigning in entitlements and tax cuts for people who are considered to be over the wealthy line. >> steve: one top republican will show up that will be paul ryan who will do campaigning here. hundred miles from where we are sitting right now and
than half the money spent in florida, ohio, and virginia. finally, more than $700,000. that's how much money a canadian guy raised for this 68-year-old bus monitor who got national attention after being bullied by her own students last june. remember her? she was live on our show. she got more than $700,000. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, steve. it was a decision that sparked major backlash from pro choice activists and other women's groups. susan g. komen foundation cut grants to planned parenthood, but then quickly reversed that move. our next guest had a front row seat to the controversy during her ten months as a top komen executive. joining me is the author of "planned bullihood," karen handle. we remember this fire storm of a story that happened last year. you were in a top position there and susan g. komen decided not to fund planned parenthood anymore and then reversed. why? >> well, first of all, komen had been under pressure about the planned parenthood grants for at least a decade, long before i came on board. so this wasn't about politics. it wasn't about anything other th
of paul ryan . midtick dick and south. virginia plus florida and new hampshire and that's it. that is where the electionn is. some people think michigan or pennsylvania but not yet. >> steve: karl rove talked about the 3, two, one. if you wind up with indiana and north karl color and must win florida florida or ohio. the bottom gray column win any one and mitt romney is president. do you buy karl's theory. >> as a theory that would work. virginia is tight as a tick . ohio is slightly leaning obama and pennsylvania and michigan and they are likely to go to obama. >> steve: it looked like mitt romney wound up with a bounce. and there is a brand new washington poll show that the president is losing with women. >> that would be critical if that is born out f. that is born out, that would be revealing. his strength is with women. 133 percentage points is what he won the women by in 2008. men tied between obama and mccain. and the entire strategy for obama in 2012 is women and hispanics. that's what you saw last night. >> steve: according to the poll, i think romney went up five or
and florida and virginia and ohioment we'll see him a lot over the next fews. >> gretchen: thank you so much. and it was interested to read the reviews as they came in last night. you would think that democratic columnist would be in favor of the speech that president obama gave. a lot of people say it didn't have details or substance and some people are surprised at that. democrats got a second crack can get to respond to the republicans mitt romney faced a similar criticism about details. you would think that the president put a lot of them in there and it was president obama who told mitt romney to put the deand talked about tax cuts. i thought it was loud and enthusiastic jennifer graham and gabby give -- giffords was incredible. and joe biden at blue collar. >> gretchen: on prompter. >> brian: for the most part screaming loud as he could and all fired up. and fars president obama goes, he is hostage to his own standards. >> steve: we didn't hear the store tore in rhetoric we heard four years ago and last night was not one of his great spheeches. i thought bill clinton and mishil obama a
that are not creating a good picture. florida and colorado and ohio and virginia. florida with the highest and 6.2 and those requests are in? >> brian: yes. that is an incredibly staggering low number. florida has tried to reach out to military vores and a lot of the blame calls on the pent con. we don't have the voting that we should. and they move three more times than civilians. that is a problem. >> brian: look at the difference. 166,000 requested in 08 and 12upon upon -- 55,000? >> yeah, it is a matter of priority. we have to pound on the desk and said this should be a priority. and instead the administration is suing ohio over consideration for vet rans rather than looking at the larger problem and saying how to get everyone oversea to register. >> brian: in 2008 before the move act, you had 16 percent nevered ball on thes. look at 2010. 29 percent never received their ball on thes and 2012 number could be worse . >> it could be worse and it is really frustrating. i was with the office in be you of and i was in guantanamo bay, imagine of afghanistan taking on an enemy and requesting absent
. >> steve: he's going to do the big bus tour. he was in colorado and then virginia as well. but let's face it, the main stream media never going to embrace the republican in the race. >> that's true. and i'm not surprised. it certainly is true. it certainly is a negative in terms of republican winning and that's why i constantly have to say, you have to get out there and people don't want to speak tough to observe eastbound, for whatever reason. they don't want to insult him. they don't want to say he's a lousy president. if they don't start doing it, they'll have a bad result. >> brian: we see peggy noonan and other republicans like david brooks who have been very critical of the campaign and ann romney got emotional saying back offment this is not easy. where did you stand in that? >> first of all, i think she's amazing and i've gotten to are you critical or are you fully behind? you understand the strategy that governor remain knee has put together -- romney has put together? >> i think the question is still there. they've saved a lot of their money. they haven't spent their money nearl
see the candidates going now, ohio, florida, virginia, new hampshire, florida, wisconsin, pennsylvania possibly. so you see a lot about these polls now. there was a big poll that came out yesterday that in ohio, florida and pennsylvania has the president up over mitt romney by as much as ten points. so the question this morning is, how is that data collected and is it done in a fair manner? >> brian: karl rove was on yesterday with bill o'reilly. he's the one who does it. he was the one who sat there when president bush was losing in certain states in florida, he was the one who sat there and said, that's not what i have. he also, same thing with kerry. he said the polling is different. he has an incredible intellect when it comes to this stuff. so we were curious and so was bill o'reilly. listen. >> for a very good reason. let's take florida first. got the white board for you. a little bit of context here. the biggest poll that -- the most important thing about a poll is its partisan matrix, the division between republicans, democrats and independents. the biggest poll we have to und
and started what would become the virginia slims tour, a lucrative tour that brought women's tennis into the mainstream. we were scared. sometimes you have to have that leap of faith. rosie was right there persuading people to listen. we have this idea. it's going to work. rosie did such a great job. >> you have given so much to tennis, what has tennis given you? >> tennis has given me my life, really who i am. like our generation we never made enough money we could say. this generation can retire. i've gotten a lot out of it. tennis is who i am. ♪ >> great job. talk about giving back. rosie still coaches and works with kids in the palm springs area. they have come a long way in terms of supporting women's tennis. they named the site of the u.s. tennis open after billy jean king. >>> next week the remarkable a senior researcher who is using applied mathematics to change the world. to see more stories go to fox news >> coming up next, new numbers on the economy just released and charles says there is big information here. administration won't tell you about it. and wors
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)